Disaster and Emergency Response Services

Insitu Pacific conduct UAS support operations for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

When the worst scenarios become reality, decision makers in emergency services need and expect accurate, real time information in order to make vital decisions about the deployment of personnel and vehicles to save lives and property. Insitu Pacific provides an industry-leading “toolbox” of unmanned systems and services appropriate for any emergency situation. From long range Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) to monitor bushfires, floods or other wide-spread natural disasters to robots with hazardous chemical detectors for use in industrial fires, Insitu Pacific has a solution that will provide timely information and help save lives.

Our experienced teams are ready to provide critical imagery services to all levels of government across a range of disaster and emergency response scenarios.

Mapping for Disaster and Emergency Response

Insitu Pacific RPAS are actively used at night to monitor bushfires and map fire fronts to assist in real time planning of bushfire response options. Constant live streaming of geo-referenced fire front information and imagery continuously provides situational awareness for incident controllers during a dynamic situation that may require rapidly shifting priorities and tasking.

Monitoring for Disaster and Emergency Response

Insitu Pacific’s long endurance unmanned aircraft can provide persistent monitoring and delivery of real-time data and imagery to decision makers while remaining on station day and night. Insitu’s ScanEagle is shown in the above video.

Inspection for Disaster and Emergency Response

Insitu Pacific RPAS are well suited to conducting post-disaster assessment and inspection tasks, particularly where there is limited access to the area of concern. Imagery in the above video was captured during damage assessment operations following recent cyclones and floods in Queensland.