Environmental Services

Through the use of our unmanned systems, Insitu Pacific provides superior decision support for a range of environmental agencies. Our Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) have demonstrated their ability to assist in the monitoring and of the continuously changing health of our islands, coastlines and sand dunes. They have also been used to provide vital monitoring of our marine fauna. Whatever the situation Insitu Pacific’s unmanned systems enable you to conduct both large area and tightly focused environmental monitoring activities in a safe, low impact and innovative manner.

Mapping for Environmental

By combining data from our full motion video sensors with leading-edge post-processing software, we are able to generate 3D Point Cloud terrain and elevation models. This enables our customers to conduct environmental change analysis by comparatively reviewing a baseline terrain model against the updated information. They can then develop more effective solutions to maintain the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

Monitoring for Environmental

Our RPAS provide environmental scientists with the ability to conduct sustained monitoring of extensive target environments by leveraging the flight endurance and day/night capability of our systems. This unique relationship can yield extended periods of habitat monitoring across various spectrums, providing the researcher with a greater understanding of the environment in question.

The system’s output – full motion video in real-time – allows researchers to immediately make informed decisions relating to research efforts. Utilising proprietary post-processing software, all captured imagery can be analysed and merged with historic data to conduct environmental impact assessments, monitor species populations, migration paths, vegetation and the general health of the environment.

Inspection for Environmental

By utilising Insitu Pacific RPAS, environmental compliance personnel are equipped to conduct sustained covert or overt surveillance operations. This enables inspections in green zones or areas of concern that can “document” or “deter” the actions of possible offenders.

Our systems are equipped with market leading day and night sensors that provide the evidentiary quality imagery necessary to conduct inspections across a range of environments on land and at sea.