Agriculture Services

Insitu Pacific Farming

Insitu Pacific works closely with our Boeing parent to develop and apply advanced technology solutions to assist the agriculture industry. By utilising our “toolbox” of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) equipped with high-precision multi-spectral sensors, teamed with advanced information management and exploitation from Boeing, we are able to provide practical and easily discernible information to assist the farming community with the management of crops and associated farmland.

Our team is focused on providing safe, reliable and efficient data collection solutions that are rapidly processed and analysed. When presented to the land manager, this information assists in critical decision-making surrounding the management of the crops throughout their growth cycle. Information is provided to land managers within hours, allowing superior crop management through targeted application of pesticides, fertilizer or irrigation – ensuring maximum yield with minimal environmental impact.

This work is completed in conjunction with the Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) to help advance precision agriculture technologies.

Mapping and Monitoring for Agriculture

The imagery gathered from aerial surveys is taken directly from the sensor post flight, and a mosaic is rapidly developed into a single multi-band image file before being uploaded to a cloud-hosted Geographical Information System (GIS) service.

The information can be viewed on our customized mobile application for immediate use by the land manager. All image processing and analysis is conducted on the cloud-hosted server using the full-resolution imagery captured during the aerial survey. Our in-house software support team provide the land manager with ongoing support by providing the ability to develop customized processing or analysis plug-ins to meet end-user requirements.

An example of a growing season viewed temporally in the application using a soil adjusted vegetation index is shown below:

Insitu Pacific, UAV, RPAS, UAS: Soil adjusted vegetation index, precision agriculture

Information is rapidly provided to farmers to allow for superior decision making. The images change to reflect crop growth within the area of coverage.

The imagery can be used for the following purposes:

  • Identify non-uniform crop growth
  • Highlight faulty irrigators
  • Indicate location of animal incursions into crops (for health regulation purposes)
  • Monitor diseased crops to manage spread
  • Identify invasive plant species