Technology and Solutions

Insitu Pacific’s commitment to providing superior solutions and our customer-focussed approach is supported by experienced in-house engineering and technology teams. Innovations in safe airspace access, advances in UAS platforms and operating systems, and cutting-edge analytics development form the cornerstones of our local capabilities and bespoke solutions.

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Airspace Access

Our extensive experience in working with regulatory requirements and approvals for airspace access is enhanced by our focus on safe airspace access and more efficient operations for our customers. Driving productivity and safety for our customers is at the core of our services that deliver ease of deployment, experienced mission planning and effective execution.

Remote Operations Centre (ROC)

Insitu Pacific’s Remote Operations Centre (ROC) is enabling regulators and clients alike to experience the considerable benefits that can be obtained from centralised control of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) RPAS operations nationally. From our Brisbane ROC, Insitu Pacific can provide seamless services for all inspection, survey and surveillance activities significantly limiting the number of staff that need to be deployed to the field, and facilitating the future of ‘one to many’ RPAS operations. Leveraging the INEXA suite of solutions in the ROC, our experienced team are able to collect, validate and report on real-time activities across client sites. Having your business serviced by Insitu’s professional team of RPAS pilots and data analysts ensures that the business is maximising throughput and quality conformance, as well as keeping FIFO costs down, increasing the work life balance for staff, and effectively minimises operating costs.

Remote Operations Centre at Insitu Pacific

One-to-many Control

One to many control can provide the ability to expand daily capture activities across complete customer sites and regions with one operator controlling several Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). Keeping expenditure as low as possible, one to many operations can support mass scaling of BVLOS RPAS without the normal in-field resources commonly needed to facilitate this.

 Insitu Pacific - Technology and Solutions

Collaboration and research partnerships

Core to growing operational flexibility around airspace access is our work with our Boeing colleagues including the Boeing Research and Technology – Australia team and Phantom Works International to advance Detect and Avoid (DAA) technology across both airborne and ground based networks. Insitu Pacific provides a complete capability with reach back into Boeing and full regulatory approval to enable the cutting edge of BVLOS operations today.

Detect and Avoid tests with ScanEagle - pre-flight

Platform innovations

As a leading aviation company, we continue to push the boundaries in designing and modifying innovative Air Vehicles to meet growing customer needs for increased endurance and maximum take off weight (MTOW) performance. This also includes testing and trialling at customer sites or at our flight testing and training facility in Queensland to improve endurance, reliability, and assess Hybrid vs Heavy Fuel technology.

Recent and continued advancements in Avionics include Autopilot, Command and Control, and Communications (SAT, LTE Mobile Networks, Mesh Directional BVLOS). These innovations all lead to economies of scale for our customers, providing an increased rate of capture for less cost.

ScanEagle in flight for Orbital UAV engine tests

Sensors and Advanced Analytics

To capture quality data and to make best use of the derived insights, high-end sensors and advanced analytics are essential. Insitu Pacific is investing both in research and development of customised sensors, optical designs and lenses along with integrated GNSS systems for higher geospatial accuracies. The benefits of on-board computation such as Machine Learning Toolchains for Detection and Classification and Inspection, and Advanced Geospatial Processing, Exploitation Dissemination are part of our software and algorithm development expertise.

Training Machine Learning Models across multiple applications are set to provide faster decision making ability with reduced data turnaround times. Faster decision making ability for onsite managers and operations via automated workflows for inspection, detection, and classification means more quality data injected into business intelligence on productivity, efficiencies, safety and long term business plans.

 Insitu Pacific - Technology and Solutions