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We turn Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) remote sensing solutions data into meaningful business intelligence to drive real efficiencies to your bottom line.

Our industry-leading reputation is derived from our extensive Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) experience – underpinned by more than one million flight hours in some of the world’s most complex and challenging locations. Military-grade technology and a focus on autonomous systems innovation means that we offer cutting-edge solutions for image capture and data analytics for our commercial customers.

Professional aerial and data solutions

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Single pass, multi-source data sensor technology produces more actionable information and reduces flight time and costs. From small multi-rotor to larger, long-range fixed-wing UAS, our ability to scale our operations to meet your business needs results in advanced data capture, no matter the location or challenge.

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Gain valuable insights from remote sensing data through change detection. Leverage machine learning, multiple-use datasets, and rapid, yet robust output analysis to drive real efficiencies in your operations. Data is delivered in a fraction of the time typically required via more traditional survey methods.

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Business intelligence is delivered to you in a customised range of reporting formats and integrated into your existing information technology infrastructure. Collaborating with you, our information products are tailored to your business needs and processes.

Customised UAS-based analytics drive efficiency, innovation and savings

Transform your operations with our customised INEXA Analytic Solutions information products to drive significant long-term cost savings through greater efficiency and workflow planning.

Repeatable, persistent UAS inspections, survey and mapping give you the complete picture on your operations where and when critical data is needed most—whether in the field, or in the boardroom.

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