Building Australian Industry Capability

For over 10 years, Insitu Pacific has grown partnerships and relationships with local industry and SMEs to develop a powerful and innovative local capability for unmanned system services, maintenance, development and payloads as well as custom data analytics for both defence and commercial customers. We are committed to supporting Australia’s sovereign capability as a vital component to a strong Australian defence industry sector.

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Orbital UAV flight testing program

The partnership between Insitu Pacific and Orbital UAV continues to expand on the capabilities of Orbital UAV’s Australian designed and built N20 engine series. With the rapid pace of change in Remotely Piloted Aircraft System technology, it is vital for our defence customers to have a strong Australian industry base and maintain local cutting edge capability. Over 300 hours of flight testing was recently achieved at Insitu Pacific’s testing and training facility in Queensland, and this partnership is a powerful example of growing local, world-leading Australian Industry Capability. While Insitu Pacific has been flight testing its own unique payload designs and customer deliveries for the past 10 years, the activity with Orbital UAV is contributing important new performance and life-cycle data for the ScanEagle® product line globally, and is supporting the continuous drive to innovate and define leading unmanned aircraft systems into the next decade.

ScanEagle in flight for Orbital UAV engine tests

Local development of revolutionary payloads to survey large areas

Insitu Pacific’s continual innovation to enhance payload accuracy and survey data has led to the development of revolutionary payloads including High Accuracy Photogrammetry (HAP) and a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) system. 

The HAP payload includes an extremely accurate position and timing system interfaced with a 100-megapixel camera for accurate insights across large survey areas. 

Utilising the RIEGL LiDAR head, we have adapted it with our own specialised navigation and timing hardware and software.

The LiDAR payload includes an extremely accurate position and timing system interfaced with a state of the art LiDAR sensor. 

 Insitu Pacific - Building Australian Industry Capability

CT-220 – tailored by our team to deliver high quality BVLOS data

The CT-220 airframe was adapted by Insitu Pacific to be optimised for commercial data collection services and to meet evolving regulatory requirements. The hardware and software is modular and open to enable rapid enhancements to provide a modular approach to swapping sensors in the field and accommodate new sensors that can deliver bespoke customer information requirements.

Local training expertise for Australia and Asia-Pac customers

Comprehensive training programs for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)  Pilots and Maintenance Technicians form an important part of our end-to-end service delivery to defence customers. 

A variety of courses across multiple platforms have been delivered for over 10 years at our Brisbane facility, and practical ground system and flight training is run at our Flight Testing and Training facility at Coominya and/or customer locations.

 Insitu Pacific - Building Australian Industry Capability