CT-220 UAS

BVLOS System for Aerial Survey

The CT-220 Remotely Piloted Aircraft System and its associated survey grade payloads has been in operation within the Asia Pacific region for over three years. These operations have occurred within Commercial airspace Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) with full CASA, CASA PNG, and PACA approvals and have delivered survey grade, accurate data sets and products to our clients. 

The CT-220 airframe is derived from UAV Factory’s Penguin B and was adapted by Insitu Pacific to be optimized for commercial data collection services and to meet evolving regulatory requirements. Significant work has been undertaken by Insitu Pacific to integrate specific engines, avionics, datalinks, payloads and other subsystems to optimise the CT-220 to address the needs of commercial customers, specifically in the Mining, Oil & Gas sectors. The hardware and software is modular and open to enable rapid enhancements to provide a modular approach to swapping sensors in the field and accommodate new sensors that can deliver bespoke customer information requirements.

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  • Long range datalink
  • Easy to set up and operate with 2 people
  • Optimized for in-field maintenance
  • Dual redundant communications, Dual redundant GPS
  • Magnetometer for dead reckoning as failsafe for GPS or commlink failure
  • Mode S transponder and ADS-B out
  • High Vis paint scheme, Nav and Strobe lights
  • High payload weight and power capacity for a Group 2 RPAS
  • High endurance emergency power – up to 1 hour on both aircraft and GCS
  • Fully autonomous launch, flight and recovery
 Insitu Pacific - CT-220 UAS
 Insitu Pacific - CT-220 UAS
Insitu Pacific CT220 flights
 Insitu Pacific - CT-220 UAS