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One flight, multiple insights

Our single pass, multi-source data sensor technology produces more actionable information and reduces flight time and costs. From small multi-rotor UAVs to larger longer range fixed wing UAS, our ability to scale our operations to meet your business needs results in advanced data capture, no matter the location or challenge.

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With over 20 years of innovation and proven success in the world’s most challenging environments, our industry-leading ScanEagle UAS is a proven and effective solution for customers who require persistent, repeatable and reliable information. Ideal for broad tenement area survey and mapping, long linear asset inspections, offshore operations, and maritime inspection, surveillance and security – ScanEagle is the rapid deploy, long-endurance answer to your operational challenges.

 Insitu Pacific - Solutions
 Insitu Pacific - Solutions


Purpose-built for commercial customers, the CT-220 is a rapid deploy, fixed-wing UAV that delivers first-time quality imagery and data products paired with cost-effective deployment over mining, infrastructure and oil and gas tenements. With a beyond visual line of sight capability to survey broad areas in a single flight, CT-220 is a flexible solution for field operations. High Accuracy Photogrammetry, LiDAR and EO/IR payloads can be rapidly swapped to provide a range of data-based, business intelligence products


Improve targeted inspections and reporting, and achieve safer data collection in inaccessible or dangerous locations. Insitu operates smaller multi-rotor UAVs with a range of payload integration to deliver inspection, surveillance and mapping services whether outdoor, offshore, indoors, cluttered environments or GPS-denied areas such as underground mining areas or internal tanks. With a number of innovations underway, contact our team to discover how we can assist your operations.

Multi-rotor UAV with LiDAR
 Insitu Pacific - Solutions

Multi-Mission Helicopter Pod (MMHP)

The Multi-Mission Helicopter Pod (MMHP) provides a rapid deploy solution to field multiple simultaneous commercial payloads in non-UAS compatible environments. The MMHP solution particularly delivers for customers in areas with steep and varying terrain where low cloud cover makes fixed wing manned aviation unsuitable, or where rapid trials are required.


ScanEagle with High Accuracy Photogrammetry (HAP)

CASA Certification

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