Defence Services

Multi-domain superiority to deliver critical ISR information

On land and at sea, the Insitu family of systems are proven, flexible, and powerful solutions that create expansive networks through hub-and-spoke system configurations. Our systems are unit-level controlled, but deliver intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) of a quality that rivals that of the larger, more expensive national-asset-level UAS platforms.

To meet new operational needs and address the global market, we continue to develop and field multiple game-changing technologies to deliver cutting edge imagery and exploitation solutions for evolving collection operations. Our sensing solutions are built on our history as a global leader in ISR services and we are constantly innovating and optimising all aspects of our integrated logistics support, operational security, training, airspace safety, reliability, and maintainability to deliver the world’s best ISR services package to our customers.

Expeditionary and self-contained mobility

As the first capture system to eliminate runways and nets, our launch and recovery system has an innovative and globally proven small-footprint design to deliver go-anywhere capability to Insitu’s family of unmanned aircraft.

Designed for agile deployment and tested for extreme environments, the Ground Control System (GCS) and Forward Ground Control System (FGCS) are quick to setup and tear down, and scalable for adding new capabilities. Mission planning and operations are all controlled from an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Integrator and Skyhook - expeditionary and self-contained mobility
ScanEagle at Royal Australian Navy's 822X Squadron

Proudly serving Australia and the Asia-Pacific region

The Insitu Pacific team are experienced in delivering solutions for Australian defence customers with ScanEagle deployed to Iraq (2006) and Afghanistan (2007) in support of Australian Forces.

Since 2013, ScanEagle has been deployed as part of embarked operations and evaluation activities with the Royal Australian Navy and continues this role in support of 822X Squadron (formerly the Navy UAS Unit (NUASU). In May 2013, ScanEagle became the first Maritime Tactical UAS operated from an Australian warship by a Navy crew member. (Source link)

Our history of service and achievements with our local and regional customers is underpinned by our commitment to excellence to deliver a complete solution including our leading platforms, sensors, C2 and information processing, engineering, maintenance, comprehensive training and field service support.

Committed to continuous development

Insitu Pacific is committed to continuous development of Australian sovereign industry capability and has fielded Australian designed and built sensors, datalink systems and engines working with local suppliers and partners. We maintain a strong network of partners and suppliers throughout the Asia Pacific region, allowing modifications and integration efforts of our baseline system into in-country platforms and C2 systems to meet our customers’ specialised requirements.

Proven UAS in service of global customers

Insitu’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and flexible hub-and-spoke operations have been proven in land based combat operations since 2004 and have been operating from Naval vessels since 2005. Insitu continues to evolve current products while also continuing to innovate new systems, payloads and services that marry small-footprint agility with high-quality ISR data delivery and communications relay capabilities.

The leading ScanEagle and Integrator systems have achieved in excess of 1.4 million flight hours globally, since Insitu Inc started building its global reputation for innovation and operational excellence over 25 years ago.

Insitu Pacific and Insitu Inc are fully backed by our parent company, The Boeing Company, and its 100+ years of world-renowned innovation, delivery, performance and value.

Integrator in Australia at sunset