Optimise mine operations with aerial sensing

We deliver advanced UAS sensors and innovative data analysis underpinned by our leading aviation experience to optimise your operations — not only for active pits but across your entire mining, transport and shipping operation.

Achieve improved prospecting and exploration mapping, mineral recovery, minimise shutdowns, reduce human exposure to hazards, and increase production efficiencies via our INEXA Solutions information products featuring automated analytics.

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Linear asset inspection

Capture rapid, actionable data on critical assets including power, water, rail right-of-way, conveyors and haul road conditions delivered via new classes of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and High Accuracy Photogrammetry (HAP) sensors that are suitable for small RPAS.

Whole of mine site

Achieve more efficient workflow inspections in exploration, construction, development, tenement boundary security and monitoring, and impact reporting.

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Survey and Geotech

Gain actionable insights through world-leading High Accuracy RGB Photogrammetry, multi-spectral (including NIR) photogrammetry, and LiDAR for end of month reporting. Other uses include high wall mapping, geotechnical failure identification and monitoring, erosion, accretion and subsidence, hazard monitoring and blast planning/design.


Improve onsite decision-making and reporting with rapid analysis of dig-to-plan, stockpiles, train load outs, bund /windrow compliance, spoil management and monitoring rehabilitation zones.

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Environmental compliance and monitoring

Streamline mapping and sampling, water modelling and management, dust plume and fume monitoring, rehabilitation assessments, disturbance mapping, vegetation and habitat monitoring, game / invasive species tracking and noise compliance.

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Tailings Dams

Leverage repeatable data collection and change detection technology to monitor dam wall and floor condition and water quality.

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