Case Studies

Taking a closer look at how Insitu Pacific aerial sensing solutions help solve customer challenges

 Insitu Pacific - Case Studies

BVLOS RPAS Littoral Mapping

Summary The capture of highly precise, geospatial information without the need for ground control to identify terrain, vegetation density and non-natural structures was undertaken to demonstrate a highly relevant operational capability that…
 Insitu Pacific - Case Studies

Discovering true value in data – an exploration breakthrough

Insitu Pacific’s fixed wing CT-220 Remotely Piloted Aerial System recently took to the sunny Far North Queensland skies – on a mission to capture spatial data over Gold, Silver and Copper exploration areas for IsMins Pty Ltd. IsMins Pty…
 Insitu Pacific - Case Studies

Environmental Survey

Safely identifying invasive species in hard to access areas Challenge A government customer required a habitat survey to identify and map an invasive fauna species in a national park in Australia. Previously, staff would be deployed to physically…
 Insitu Pacific - Case Studies

Asset Inspection Road and Rail Corridor

Inspection and survey - post-weather event Challenge Safer and more efficient means to assess damage on a road network after weather events was requested by an Australian local government entity. Previously, staff crews drove the network before…
 Insitu Pacific - Case Studies

Oil and Gas Operations

Exception reporting  Challenge A Coal Seam Gas operator in Australia required a method of capture for LiDAR and Photogrammetric data to provide a higher level of confidence in asset condition monitoring and conduct the survey in a shorter…
 Insitu Pacific - Case Studies

Mining Exploration

Collecting critical business intelligence  Challenge In mining exploration, smaller unmanned aircraft can deliver the benefit of a cost-effective footprint with a lower support model when compared to traditional aircraft survey methods, and…

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