INEXA Control

Constant innovation is the driving force behind our software solutions. Engineered for simplicity and expeditionary use, our INEXA Control command and control software operates on hardware from fully integrated Ground Control Stations to soldier-worn devices. The open-architecture design allows users to easily add plug-ins to field new features and integrate a wide range of autonomous systems.

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 Insitu Pacific - Software

Information Processing

Insitu’s sophisticated software Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) tools Catalina and Tacitview provide the power you need for advanced analytics and intuitive workflows, and to extract the most from your collected imagery and efficiently deliver information products to key decision makers.

Advanced analytics

 Insitu Pacific - Software

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Local innovation

Insitu Pacific’s commitment to providing superior solutions and our customer-focussed approach is supported by experienced in-house engineering and technology teams. Innovations in safe airspace access, advances in UAS platforms and operating systems, and cutting-edge software and analytics development including AI and Machine Learning form the cornerstones of our local capabilities and bespoke solutions for commercial and defence customers.

Software and analytics development

Remote Operations Centre at Insitu Pacific