Commercial Imagery Services

Insitu Pacific Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) can be utilised for a wide range of commercial imagery and general marketing activities. High resolution aerial photography and high definition video, are captured both day and night using our extensive range of systems and sensors. Real estate, commercial property, infrastructure inspection, general survey and mapping, community, corporate or large events – these are just some of the areas Insitu Pacific RPAS can provide superior imagery services.

For more unique customer requirements Insitu Pacific RPAS are also equipped with a range of industry leading multi-spectral, photogrammetric and LiDAR sensors to provide enhanced information products.

Examples of Insitu Pacific RPAS conducting commercial operations for marketing purposes are shown in the above videos. Insitu Pacific is fully CASA certified to operate RPAS for commercial purposes.

Inspection for Commercial Services

Insitu Pacific RPAS are shown conducting commercial infrastructure inspection. Safety is improved as personnel are no longer required to be placed in a high-risk situation. Additionally, efficiency is increased as the area being inspected does not require a complete shut down and the task can be completed rapidly. Hi-res digital still or video can be collected and post-processing allows the generation of 3D point cloud imagery.