Defence Services

On land and at sea, Insitu systems are proven, flexible, powerful and cost-effective solutions that can create expansive networks through hub-and-spoke system configurations. Our Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and hub-and-spoke operations have been proven in combat since 2004 and on U.S. Navy vessels since 2005. We continue to evolve our current products as we design new systems, payloads and services that marry small-footprint agility with high-quality ISR data delivery and communications relay capabilities. Our systems are unit-level controlled, but deliver ISR of a quality that rivals that of the larger, more expensive national-asset-level UAS platforms.

Insitu is a pioneer leader in the design, development, production and operation of high-performance, cost-effective UAS. Our focus is to deliver the highest-quality ISR information, as quickly as possible to our customers that are located all over the world, whether on land or at sea.

To meet new operational needs and address the global market, we have introduced scores of game-changing technology that have dramatically improved imagery and exploitation, operational security, training, airspace safety, reliability, maintainability and availability.

We are fully backed by our parent company, The Boeing Company, and its 95+ years of world-renowned innovation, delivery, performance and value. Insitu Pacific, our Australia-based affiliate, was established to serve the unique needs of the Asia-Pacific region. Insitu also maintains a strong network of partners and suppliers, allowing us to provide specialized, in-country support for any region in the world.

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