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Insitu Pacific Mining

The introduction of advanced technology has allowed the mining industry to evolve from highly personnel-intensive operations into the far more autonomous, efficient and safety-focused industry it is today. This technology has driven significant growth in productivity by permitting remote operations in a dangerous environment – thereby decreasing risk to personnel while still increasing output.

By embracing the next level of autonomy in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) that increase in productivity and safety will continue as more high quality data can be safely and cost-effectively collected, processed and utilised to drive that productivity.

 Photogrammetric survey

For survey applications requiring reliable, high accuracy, aerial photogrammetric survey without the use of ground control points, Insitu Pacific offers a combined camera and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) + Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) solution. This solution is a closed loop on board the aircraft to provide direct geo-referencing to the camera where it is stored with each image captured.

The payload’s navigation solution is combined with Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to create high precision aerial imagery. The solution includes both airborne and ground segments to provide highly accurate results which can be post-processed to produce survey imagery that exceeds industry minimum requirements.

In addition to the standard aerial imaging camera, we offer a near Infra-Red (IR) variant to support creation of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) imagery for vegetation assessment and monitoring.

LiDAR Survey

Insitu Pacific’s proven capabilities coupled with precision, long range Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) payloads allow you to conduct what are traditionally “manned” aerial LiDAR survey tasks, without risking aircrew. The information collected by the combination of RPAS and LiDAR generate savings through enhanced production planning. Data is output at the same accuracies as manned aerial assets  and due to the long endurance nature of RPAS and relatively lower per-hour operating costs, can be collected more frequently and cost effectively.

Mining Info Card.

Mapping for Mining

Insitu Pacific RPAS and payloads have been tailored to support small and larger scale Photogrammetric and LiDAR survey tasks. The data collected by our RPAS and precision payloads generate high resolution maps that can be utilised for planning and monitoring of the mine pit and the surrounding environment.

Due to the runway independence of Insitu Pacific’s RPAS (when compared to manned aviation assets), mining operators can rapidly access remote sites and generate ortho-rectified or digital surface model maps to support future exploration in a much safer and more cost effective manner.

Monitoring for Mining

Insitu Pacific’s RPAS allow effective, safe and regular monitoring of critical equipment. Remote detection and rectification of potential problems early on offers significant cost savings by avoiding lengthy stoppages and downtime, therefore preventing the problem from developing into a major issue. It also has the added advantage of greatly increasing safety for onsite personnel by removing them from potentially dangerous monitoring tasks and identifying issues that could cause injury if left unresolved. Through the deployment of our Electro-Optic (EO) and Infra-Red (IR) full motion sensors – which have been fielded and proven in some of the world’s harshest environments – Insitu Pacific’s RPAS provide the remote monitoring capability you need to ensure operations continue at peak efficiency.

The footage seen in the above video shows the fidelity of our sensors and how they can be utilised to monitor equipment, and provide your operations team critical real-time insight.

Inspection for Mining

Large-scale mining operations utilise large-scale equipment. Preventative maintenance of this equipment and infrastructure is vital to ensure seamless ongoing operations. Employing Insitu Pacific RPAS to conduct maintenance inspections without specialist working at heights equipment provides maintenance staff with the means to conduct more regular and rapid inspections with significantly increased safety for the personnel involved.

Our RPAS have the ability to carry an array of payloads that can be utilised to ensure inspection teams are provided detailed information to determine if equipment and infrastructure are fit to support ongoing mining operations or requires early preventative maintenance.