ScanEagle® System

Performance, meet practicality

Agile, virtually undetectable and on station until the job is done, hardworking ScanEagle delivers persistent imagery on land or at sea at a fraction of the cost of other surveillance methods. The aircraft’s superior live video feeds keep you one step ahead of the situation, whether your mission is agricultural assessment or force protection. And because no nets or runway are required, you can keep your footprint small, even when the stakes are big.

To find out more visit the Insitu website or download the ScanEagle product card.

ScanEagle Product Card


Length (EO dome): 5.1 ft / 1.55 m
Length (EO900/MWIR dome): 5.6 ft / 1.71 m
Wingspan: 10.2 ft / 3.11 m


Empty structure weight: 30.9-39.68 lb / 14-18 kg
Max takeoff weight: 48.5 lb / 22 kg
Max payload weight: 7.5 lb / 3.4 kg


Endurance: 24+ hours
Ceiling: 19,500 ft / 5,944 m
Service ceiling: 15,000 ft / 4,572 m
Max horizontal speed: 80 knots / 41.2 m/s
Cruise speed: 50-60 knots / 25.7-30.9 m/s
Engine: heavy fuel (JP-5 or JP-8) or
gasoline engine

Payload integration

Onboard power: 60 W for payload

Sensor and data options

› Turret: EO, EO900 (two EO imagers), MWIR,
Dual imager (EO and MWIR)
› Video datalink: Analog, digital encrypted
› C2 datalink: Encrypted, unencrypted

* Performance varies with mission, payload, environmental conditions
and other factors. Contact Insitu for more information.